Creamy Vegetable Soup

This comforting vegetable soup is fully packed with nutritious vegetables. The use of Lee Kum Kee Mushroom Vegetarian Stir-Fry Sauce will add an accent of umami flavour to the soup. And it’s vegetarian friendly!

Serves 1 - 2

110g carrot, cut into small pieces
226g butternut squash, peeled, cut into pieces
110g double cream
2 Tbsp flour
2 cups water
56g onion
113g leek, cut into small pieces
2 courgettes, minced
2 Tbsp butter

6 Tbsp Lee Kum Kee Mushroom Vegetarian Stir-Fry Sauce
1 pinch salt and pepper
1 tsp parsley, chopped 
1 tsp thyme, dried


  1. In a medium sized pan, heat butter and flour on medium heat. Stir well and cook until golden brown.
  2. Stir in garlic, onion, leek, carrots and squash. Cook mixture for 3 minutes.
  3. Add water, thyme, Mushroom Vegetarian Stir-Fry Sauce and parsley. Cook mixture until vegetables are tender. Cool for 10 minutes.
  4. Transfer mixture into a blender. Process until mixture is smooth.
  5. Return mixture into the saucepan. Add double cream and half and half.
  6. Cook mixture until heated through. Season with salt and pepper.


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