If you didn't already know, Lee Kum Kee is an Asian household sauce brand with products stocked in all the major retailers within the UK (and around many parts of the world!) and we are loved by many families and Michelin Starred restaurants globally!

It all started in 1888, when a restaurateur named Mr. Lee Kum Sheung from Southern China was boiling a pot of oyster soup and forgot about it until the soup was simmered down to a thick gravy. He tasted it and discovered an irresistible, delicious new flavour... our famous Oyster sauce!

Over the following 130 years we introduced over 60 classic Chinese flavours to the UK and Europe, with the majority of products being plant based.

Fast forward to today and Lee Kum Kee are proud to deliver authentic & delicious Chinese sauce kits to your door, educating adventurous cooks and passionate Asian foodies on how to use their ingredients to create flavours that pack a punch.

For more information on the Lee Kum Kee story, please visit uk.lkk.com or continue your cooking journey with a Lee Kum Kee 'delivered to your door' sauce kit.