Lee Kum Kee The Table Top Quartet Bundle

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Personalise your dish at the table with the brand NEW Lee Kum Kee Table Top Range!

A selection of some of the most popular Chinese sauces and flavours, all with a different uniqueness of their own! All sauces are extremely versatile and multiuse and are the perfect addition to your dining room or kitchen tables! The range is complemented with a pair of elegant and traditional Chinese bamboo Lee Kum Kee branded chopsticks, to create the ultimate authentic experience!

Our sauces will provide Flavours at Your Table, and will instantly transform any dish or cuisine to a whole new taste experience, with just a dash, dip or drizzle! For cooks of all levels, you can be adventurous with the sauces and mix and match to create more flavours, as each has its own unique flavour. Just like one may add salt or vinegar to chips, in Chinese meals, we have a variety of table sauces!

Bring out the personality of every meal with the Lee Kum Kee Table Top Range:

  • Sweet Soy Sauce 120ml - For when you’re feeling truly, madly, sweetly umami
  • Seasoned Rice Vinegar 120ml - For when you’re in a bright, tangy, zippy mood
  • Hot Chilli Soy Sauce 120ml - For when you are fancying a fiery heat/kick  in your life
  • Oriental Sesame Soy Sauce 120ml
  • Lee Kum Kee Branded Chopsticks