The Premium Subscription Box


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Our picks of the finest sauces.

Cook up premium, restaurant-quality meals with The Premium Subscription Box. This quality bundle includes an array of all-purpose premium gourmet sauces made from the finest ingredients, including our renowned, hard to find XO sauce! Indulge in the distinctive aroma of the savoury sauces which will add delicious depth to your Asian and fusion recipes. Perfect for special occasions, family banquets, or to make every weekday taste like Saturday.

Why choose a subscription box?

Save on delivery costs
You won’t pay a delivery fee on your subscription box.

We know how busy life gets, and there’s nothing worse than opening your cupboards and realising you’ve run empty on your fave sauces. By subscribing to automatic deliveries, you’ll always be within hand’s reach of a tasty dish, without the effort of re-ordering or going to the grocery store.

You are in control
You can decide how frequently you’d like your box to arrive. There’s an option to receive your boxes every 2, 3 or 6 months. There is no contract, and you can cancel any time.

More information

XO Sauce 220g - all-purpose gourmet condiments made from the finest ingredients such as dried scallops, dried shrimps, red chilies and spices, uplifting our dishes with a taste of subtle luxury. (Did you know that we were the first brand that introduced XO sauce?)
100% pure sesame - made from selected roasted sesame seeds. With only a few dashes, delightful aroma for marinating and serving with noodles, vegetables, soups and salads.
Delivers a scrumptious taste to enhance every dish. Let’s unlock the taste from the ancient secret of double fermentation!
Our most sought-after vegan and gluten free friendly savoury-sweet sauce. The secret of dressing in crispy aromatic duck for many top Chinese restaurants.


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